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Nawafiz - Al-Arabia

Baseem Rayyes is a Syrian artist who was born in 1970. He graduated with a degree of Agricultural Engineering, Damascus University. A member of Fine Arts League in Syria and of Emirates Society of Fine Arts in Sharja.

Some see that the human in Baseem Rayyes paintings turns into an unreal creature, and some other would go beyond to say that he turns into a wild creature.
By trying to cross beyond the painting, the real features of its human get clear so that his transparency, calmness and surrendering to emotions and dreams forced to be broken, obviously appear there.

Baseem Rayyes: Most peoples' eyes are pale. You hardly can see the brightness in them; brightness is a reference of activeness, energy, life, love and touching all life details.

The novelist within Baseem Rayyes has helped him in soft getting into the depths of his characters, and in reading some details which he develops to artistic subjects, such as eye brightness.

Baseem Rayyes: I have always noticed that when you look at everyone, you will realize that most of them lack that eye brightness.

This sense of noticing the changes of which his heroes face has put his emotions in continuous stand-by, so when their spring began, he passionately welcomed it as if he was looking forward to meet it.

Baseem Rayyes: The artistic unit has become brighter. Characters and lines are liberated. Eyes are also liberated from all shapes. The line is liberated, the character is liberated from its colors, and, eventually, colors appear more beautiful with the revolution in them.

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"Nawafiz" Program, Al-Arabia TV Channel


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