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On the Wall: The Alphabets of the Lost Joy

On the Wall: The Alphabets of the Lost Joy 


Abboud Salman, al-Quds al-Arabi – 220-07-2010

Art, love and life; the three things which form the reality of things which amaze you in the world of the Arab Syrian Immigrant artist, based in United Arab Emirates for years in Sharja, capital of Arab Culture Baseem Rayyes who moves in the mazes of colors, symbols and the very extraordinary and loved unknown. In the logic of innocent childhood dreams which lives within him, and he is the great in the humanity of situations and love and the humbleness of the generosity of soul to the limit of the greatest livingness, drawing in others his love for people. From Syria, the old quarters of Damascus and the aisles of houses decorated with everlasting passion, in the world of magic, imagination and the entity of oriental magic in the oldest city on earth (Damascus, the paradise of jasmine) and the vines of beauty, thus color lives within his painting as the smoothness of the twilight which does not scratch the soul but add for it the spells of mothers' riddles and the childhood playgrounds of the innocence of times, children and the swings dipped with the past's aroma and originality in the spirit of modernity of meaning in the present on which the artist focuses, and he is the short story writer of tales of daily narration from the reality and dreams land with (unlimited) surrealism for every grey which is mixed on the surface of the painting as a sculpture of the age of love and life, and with a short story of drawn love in many shapes based upon hope lightened with heart's whispers, horizon's yearning and nostalgia's balconies of wonderful art.

The experience of the Arab Syrian artist Baseem Rayyes proved its enormous reputation in galleries of universal art in the land of Dubai; his paintings occupy the most important Emirati, Arab and world galleries after being known and famous in Syria due to the professionalism of his high artistic performance and the skill of his creative spirit, where he mixed in his artistic painting many materials such as oil, acrylic, water, inks, pencil and other sources of brightness. He describes, through his painting, the importance of his great artistic reputation in artistic shapes which still are the wide space of new births on the sides of far love and passion which occupy him when the passion of creative self comes to him, so he writes wonderful art in lover's eyes which know nothing but elements of time and space of the warm civilization of orient.

As if documenting his human and creative charges in the days diary, Baseem Rayyes draws his world with a life experimentalism which is based on the waterfall of blood that flows charming colors and his repeatedly tortured, broken and confused human entity as if he wants to say everything with the alphabets of human's sufferings. Then, his drawn character turns to be a mirror to the human self everywhere with no identity of belonging; and here, in the time of aesthetics, humans and earth, he draws the absolute imagination with the options of whom picks his satirical critic scale from his consumptive society in the shape of accelerating rhythm of memories flood and the aroma of mihbaj (a traditional tool for grinding coffee beans), where lavender, saffron, henna and cardamom cover the soul breeze which emerges from the kindness of his painting in spite of the sadness of his colors which refer to a psychological equal of all this human sorrow.

Human exhaustion is clearly and powerfully drawn in his painting as a shock which chokes the skilled eye in the aim of the living conscience refusing all unjust behaviors which was applied on humans when some men lost their humanity of situations. So, the human was the first victim; on the edges of beloved houses, people live with their mythological symbols as if tales of human mythology tattooed the sun's light and the love of his lively colors which he wants them to be a greater equal of happiness, hope and planning green in his tired characters' psyches which were doubled and doubled because of the unjust of human and society in cases on which the artist focuses to express them honestly, powerfully and skillfully, so he draws for his ecstasy full of his images, memories and dreams, all songs of humans passionate for life, singing and love. Thus, he presented birds and white pigeons to be witnesses of departure, hope, peace and ambition in the purple of the rope of childhood arms which flatter the memories with a question that abbreviates the early love feelings and innocent playing walls.

His first painting was man's freedom when he was a child with his love, dreams, passion and walls; from those historical walls the artist Baseem Rayyes was born. In the music of his early crossing, the artist within him drew the features of his touch and feelings with the details of the living myth in a thousand shapes and colors, thus he will write, in his natural travels among Damascus, Emirates, Dublin, Paris and other cities, the legend of the artistic knight which crosses the soul with great desire and honesty, and a friendship for love, color and expression. Into the revolution of creativity within him, he writes, draws, sings, dances and presents light and meaning with the kindness of artist's originality on beauty. Here, wings of love, which are reflected upon his creative self, tell us, through hundreds of paintings and colors, that Baseem Rayyes put the dream of life in the images of horizons, ambitions, dreams, amazement, expectations and loss which is the sea of life itself when it floats with the soul in unlimited worlds and exploration away from the power of days' oppression and the force of happiness color and sadness cloud. Therefore, worlds of pain, happiness, love, disappointment, sadness, suffering, reality, passion, revolution and sorrow live in his painting; among these moments, his wild elements shine with brave situations which may push you to the relationship between man and his land and production, and to the fact that the artist is an expressionist state of an infinite known and programmed reality.

Thus, Baseem Rayyes stays as an Arab Syrian and universal artist who lives in a cosmopolitan Arab land in Dubai and Sharja, and reflects the aroma of world full of dreams and reality in a romantic, expressionist and wild feature. He is the narrative writer with the uniqueness of his human experience which he borrows it from his surrounding environment; also he draws life with his universal atmosphere.
He is the short story writer who writes stories and cinematic scenario who won recently Sharja Arab Creativity Prize for Short Story in 2010.

Baseem Rayyes is a love story in the features of noble values in a memory of wings of love, humanity and pure art. With the embrace of creation, he reflects an exceptional effort in a human experience full of pulses of whom have lived in the heart and memory in order to borrow from his humanity arts the power of principles and the dedication of the artist's will who presents his soul to be transparent and creative with the greatness of the spirit of loyalty for art and humans only.


Translated by: Yazan el-Haj

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