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I respect my painting, and give it all my energy and feelings

With the beginning of his new exhibition, Baseem Rayyes says to Al-Thawra,

I respect my painting, and give it all my energy and feelings

Wafaa Sbeih - Al-Thawra Newspaper
Artists Bseem Rayyes presents in his new exhibition in ALBAL Gallery an artistic pattern for those who have the ability of creation, and for those who want to present a special artistic creativity.
His art belongs to himself, and his seventeen paintings are like the beehive, yet they are not cloned as we always expect in such exhibitions.
They reflect the mirror of humanity, and their suffering which they were born with. So they cut their guts and emerge out of their geometric bodies.
In spite of his use of earth colors, he covers them with fire which refer to a complete revolution.
Baseem presented a special artistic paintings which generates many questions which he answered in this interview.

Do you think that you presented an artistic research which differs from what you presented in your previous exhibition?

Yes, of course. Ideas do not stay the same; they keep generating like feelings in every moment. From deep inside us many things can emerge; searching and experimentalism are two factors which must be found in creativity.
The difference in this exhibition is in structure and ideas, technique in stages, and dealing with colors according to the subject which I am dealing with.

Do not you see that using geometric style may refer to easy dealing with the artistic work?

No, exactly the opposite. I find it so hard not to mention the risk and bravery which are implied in.

Why have you chosen the six shape in particular?

It was not a random choice; it is a constructing unit which I always use in my work; with its repetition many shapes are built. actually, I started using it after continuous experiments and different conclusions. I have a specific opinion about it:
The circle is a unique and infinite element in the universe. Its existence is not accompanied by possibilities, and this existence will result in a group of six shapes.
This is the real state of the circle which implies an existential force in addition to its application on most of nature's creatures (animals, humans, trees, etc.) as if it were one of the nature's rules. I focused on repeating it, so the beehive was constructed in the audience's eyes although I did not mean the beehive in itself, but its references.

Have you used the symbols of the ladder and the cross as a sign or a reference to a certain meaning; you gave the first green color and red for the latter.

You spontaneously and naturally said "symbol" and "sign". Actually I meant both meanings with their differences; first, there are the malefemale symbols which are mentioned as scientific idioms (a circle with plus sign for female, and a circle with an arrow for male), not to mention their mythological implications as symbol. Woman was referred to as a moon while man as a sun; moon for its movement and changes _ with its being as a circle with a cross, comes the contradiction in the meeting point of its vertical and horizontal axes. The circle and the sun, on the other hand, have chosen the arrow because man's direction is mono and fixed to one direction. So there are some symbols and implications in my painting.
The reason behind choosing such colors is related with the dependency state in the color circle; women will certainly go with the red because she lives in both heat and contradiction. Man completes the woman as green completes red. Anyway, symbols and references of colors differ according to the era and place in question.

What about the hardness of lines?

I tried to break the extremity of the geometric shape with preserving its normal structure. I have chosen that so the reference would be clear.

Many artists care about the financial factor which usually precedes the intellectual. Which factor comes first according to you?

The artist always lives in a struggle especially because art has its own complicated formula in addition to being full dedicated to it. Everyone needs money and I consider myself one of whom suffers the most because any artist may not find another financial resource.
The question here is how can he equal between the two factors; between art and life needs. Anyway, I do not care about commercial issues. It is good if I sell, and it is also good if I do not. This is not because I am financially stable but because I respect my painting and give it all my energy and feelings.

Some refuse to talk about their techniques; are you one of them?

If you mean dealing with different materials, I use most of the inks beside oil and water colors. I dealt with some chemicals for the sake of experimentalism so I got more than one feeling of the painting's outline, so the background was forwarded while the characters were backwarded; so I had a new addition to the humiliated characters who are satisfied with their fate which was born with them and forced upon them willy-nilly. These chemicals succeeded in achieving the goals I wish for.

Establishing an exhibition requires so much bravery especially for those who did not study art academically; how could you achieve it?

Establishing an exhibition does not create an artist; the person's gift and dedication of presenting what he loves are basic rules for him. Our country is full of people who have studied a certain field academically but worked in another field just like me. Are not there some journalists who have not study journalism academically but they were and still are successful in their work?
I cannot deny that I have faced many obstacles especially when I started preparing my first exhibition but I passed them because I believe in my painting; the thing which was given many very positive responses.
I have worked and researched hard, so it is not possible to give a judgment from the first experience; three or four steps are necessary.

Translated by: Yazan el-Haj


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