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The magic of colors sets fire in the circle shapes

The magic of colors sets fire in the circle shapes

Munzer al-shoufi, Az- Zaman Newpaper - 16-02-2001

The artist Baseem Rayyes establishes his exhibition in ALBAL Gallery in old Damascus.
In this exhibition Rayyes wants to present a new subject which is based upon the man-woman relationship via using scientific sins and symbols, and constructing them like a beehive in order to make them characters full of freshness and movement which imply sparks of happiness and hope through continuity. So no wonder that this exhibition is introduced by the Syrian artist Anwar Rahabi who said, " Baseem Rayyes, definitely, has not chosen his characters and symbols from storytellers, and he has not told the ordinary narrative consequences of colors and lines by chance. He sees and colors flashes which he has dreamed of, thought of its dialogue with the body's frost with the artist's sensitivity."
Baseem Rayyes established two exhibitions in ASHTAR and ALBAL Galleries, and he tries to continue with this new style of art.
The exciting thing is that the gift only which drives him to knock this door and become dedicated to art; he did not study art academically, so he says,
"Art lives within me. I used to scratch on papers, and these scratches drove me slowly to search and explore the secrets of this world. The world of color seduced me and I was lost in its infinite spaces, but, in a specific stage I was forced to study Agricultural Engineering then I graduated but I did not give up because this childhood dream keeps floating on the surface of my soul encouraging me to start drawing again, so I attended Adham Ismael Center of Fine Arts and got more skilled and experienced and finally could find myself and achieve what I have always wished for.

What about the new style in your paintings; what is he main idea?

The new thing in this exhibition is the subject in the painting's technique and colors; this exhibition contains many abbreviations, thoughts and symbols which I could mix together in my special way. In this exhibition I wanted to say that circle may turn into six shapes; this is a natural law; where any shape may and can be turned to extensions which can be six shaped.
The circle state is unique and infinite. The circle always has a special holiness, but I think that this six shape is a new element and style in dealing and processing.

Can this be a touch which will be repeated in following exhibitions?

I do not know. This research and style can be developed; in each painting I feel that there is a new thing added to it which enriches it and gives it another touch of beauty. I do not believe that the static at a certain point is creativity because creativity implies that all things must be applied to the logic of refreshment and development. This does not mean that I will abandon what I have already started with; I should keep on searching. Through these symbols and signs I could start constructing a relationship among them.

What relationship have you constructed or tried to among symbols in your painting?

I could separate between male and female via two symbols and colors; red for female and green for male and I also could relate them with their mythological reference. Man is similar to the sun which rises from a certain direction and sets in another, thus it has mono direction so it is expressed by an arrow. Woman, on the other hand, looks like the moon which passes through several stages; crescent, full moon then into a crescent again; so she lives many contradictions, thus she is expressed by a cross which refers to the meeting point between the vertical and horizontal forces.
This idea is clear in the paintings through arrows which refer to each sex within the beehive of life.

Why do you deform the human body in your works?

I do not consider it as deformation; it is an identification of the body's shape in order to turn it into a constructing unit. When I draw the person with one leg and one head, with straight extension or a six shaped one, I do that according to a specific reference within me. Body, in my opinion must be tall with a neck's length which equals the leg's. from the beginning I drew long arms and legs for the sake of serving such a body while the head was so close to the body; by these extensions he could walk long distances on his foot, but, through my changing, I meant that human mind and soul can cross thousands of miles without any need, for him, to move.
In order to achieve such a consistence between the form and the content, head must further from the body to express this idea.

What does the female mean to you?

Female is the god of Good and giving. She is a great thing in this masculine society so I expressed her, in the paintings, by the great queen inside the beehive, in which everyone works to serve her; she is the tree and the nature which generates everything _ male and female. Unfortunately, she is a bit absent so we have to return a part of her entity, so I tried to present that all elements, in my paintings, serve her.
The pigeon on her arm is an implication of peace, a bottle of water in her hand refers to life while the tree is symbol of giving.


- Born in Damascus in 1970.
- A degree in Agricultural Engineering, Damascus University.
- Graduate of Adham Ismael Center of Fine Arts.
- Two exhibitions; the first in ASHTAR Gallery in 1999, and the second in ALBAL Gallery in 2001.

Translated by: Yazan el-Haj

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