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Raed Wahsh, Kassioun Newspaper/ Baseem Rayyes on Every Wall

Baseem Rayyes on Every Wall

What does it mean when an artist publically announces, "this is my email, and my phone number. Send me your requests, and I will send you my paintings?" What does it mean when this artist dedicates himself for drawing for everyone? Is it a research or a project like any other visual research which artists usually do in their workshops drawing faces and nature, bodies and houses, etc.? The answer to these questions, I guess, is just love; this human value which carries the art and is carried by it at the same time; that, which deserves to be busy with not less in value, status or importance than other artistic and human values. I believe it is an unprecedented gesture which can be imitated by other artists, and if done, Baseem Rayyes, the artist who announced this initiative, will be the pioneer in delivering art to their lovers with no usual disappointments from galleries and art auctions, and without being faced by price lists, usually stamped by dollars. Yes, the Syrian artist, based in Emirates, really achieved what he promised, so love really "becomes a language of act, not just words," as he said in his announcement.

In his entitled "untraditional resume", Baseem writes, "Baseem Rayyes, a Syrian artist who was born in one of Bab Touma quarters in Old Damascus in 1970. He, as those old walls, resisted cruel conditions of life and early orphanage; after losing his father, he took responsibilities which were bigger than his fresh branch for many years. He loved art, which has become his great secret passion which he has practiced out of sight and away from studying and work time. He has dedicated much of his effort to live life, and even much more to his real passion, art. He graduated from Agricultural Engineering faculty, refused the official job and dedicated his full time to art. He has lived in United Arab Emirates for more than nine years, and his great potentials still hide more to give.
Baseem writes the previous extract by the same warmth which he writes his other texts with. He is also a writer; his achievements in writing field, especially short story, may have a great impact in giving the narrative factor for his paintings_ his painting is a real tale.
When I received the painting with my name on it (he has sent many paintings to his writing friends without a request), which is a representation of a melancholic and sad wild creature's head, I remembered the character of the devil in Kurosawa's film (Dreams), in which the devil, in one scene, weeps because of what people have done to themselves; devil, himself, would not imagine the amount of all this destruction.

When my painting arrived, and my memory started recalling other works by this artist, I knew that this man, who is drawing the destruction of our world, is also drawing, by human's way of life, what human must be.

Raed Wahsh, Kassioun Newspaper


Translated by: Yazan el-Haj

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