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Baseem Rayyes Draws for an Entire Month for Those Who Wish to, For Free

Baseem Rayyes Draws for an Entire Month for Those Who Wish to, For Free

Baseem Rayyes Draws for an Entire Month for Those Who Wish to, For Free

A both strange and funny step which was launched by the artist Baseem Rayyes at the beginning of the new year; Rayyes announced an unprecedented, maybe the first, step under the title (A Painting on Every Wall), in which he will give a painting for those who wish to by communicating with him on his email or his facebook profile page until the end of this January.

Rayyes launched his step when he said, "Love is a language of act, not just words. So, I will not talk too much, and I'll express my love for you by an act of beauty. For all my art lover friends, for you, wherever you are, whatever language or nationality you are, my gift in 2011is a painting for each one of you; may the painting combine us."

This initiative seeks, according to its creator, "to combine others, regardless of their differences, on one language; language of love, of art which is connected with act, not just words," he said, it is "a new brave step in order to decrease the gap between the painting and the audience." This step's list of aims my transcend what was previously mentioned, to become a try to seed love in a world in which war is the common language; a try to seduce another group of art lovers who cannot afford a painting. Baseem Rayyes has not put any requirements for those who wish to receive this gift. All what they should do is just ask the artist, and the painting will be theirs. So, this is an initiative of "unconditioned generosity" in this hard times where "everything has its own scale which measures the action by its usually material reaction; where each word, hour, friendship as well as generosity has its price." By this act, Baseem Rayyes decides to dedicate himself, for a whole month, to draw for everyone. A week after his announcement, he really started sending a group of people "their paintings" as he called it. Moreover, he put a title for each painting according to the one's name who wants it! Then started the requests from many countries all over the world.

Baseem Rayyes has two solo exhibitions; the first one was in 2006 where he recalled his memories on walls (Memory of Place on the Wall), and in 2009 he started his second solo exhibition, (On the Wall).

Baseem Rayyes

- Born in Damascus, Syria (1970)
- An artist and a short story writer.
- Member of Fine Arts Union.
- Member of Emirates Society of Fine Arts.
- Graduated from Damascus University.
- Participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Syria and United Arab Emirates.
- He, also, participated in many group exhibitions abroad (Istanbul, Paris and New York).
- His paintings are acquired by art lovers (institutions and individuals) in Syria, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Istanbul, New York and Africa.
- He won several prizes for writing short story, such as Al- Sharja Arab Creativity Prize and Ghanem Ghabbash Prize for Short Story.
- He wrote and directed a short film, (Boundaries of the Grey).


Translated by: Yazan el-Haj

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