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Ismail al Refai


Which is bigger ? world or district? which one of them is more enrichment and warmth? Can we form our references and identify our dreams when the longing intensified , out of the features and lanes of our district ? premonitions, details and walls inspire us, driven by the Artist Baseem Al Rayyes at the atmospheres of his depictive works.


Places which we have never left before, even if we become far away from it, distances which are adjacent to us, to the games of far childhood , and the grocery’s features , mornings of family, warmth of heater in winters which we embrace into our ribs. Rayyes has not attempted in his research to left his sight away from the atmosphere of his soul, in order to give memory a form that drops from within our fingers whenever we touch our lost lives , or hands on the corners which are sticking between times and places that emit with land’s aroma, when it is blended with sight’s water at the mornings of Aid with the first drop of rain that we take pleasure in.


As the essence is an absence of gist , and creatures are wake in disclosure and absence in it, the form comes simple , excess disappears , and elements line together , forming the world which is similar to us or the image which uncover the veil from our reality.


Simply like this, the work spontaneously creates itself, with its colors that are saturated with craving , with its transparent lines and alterations which bring the forms back to its original image, as our memories have stored it , co-habiting with allegory and be accomplished by it, as the lines emerge , details go into branches , corners distribute and the walls glow with letters and memories, written by the boys of the district since a long close time , in order for all that to emerge into one focal point which is the soul’s.


Ismail al Refi



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