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Fateh Al-Mudarres

Baseem Rayyes, an artist

Baseem's roots came from the black rocks of volcanoes, and their Syrian man who lives his history in every hour of the day.
He opened his eyes on this ancient history which moves around him on an unbelievable amazing theatre.
He ignored everything he has seen or heard of the past's temptations or the present's groans, so his inner world turns to become alike with the paintings he draws.
All of this, is with the genius's innocence and joy, and in the absurdity of a man who, with a great wit, deals with primitive graphic shapes.
He is a painter whose flesh, bones and blood are from the living Syrian history.
He is silent as the charm of sadness.

Fateh Al-Mudarres

Higher studies, Damascus University

Translated by: Yazan el-Haj

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