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Camera 1

"How slow this world is," said the man to my far right as he quickly devoured his meal.
"How crazy this world is," said the man to my far left as he slowly devoured his meal.
Both men finished their meal and left the restaurant without paying.
They met at the door. One of them slapped the other on the right cheek. The latter turned his left cheek, so the former slapped him on the left cheek, too. The former then turned his right cheek, and on and on and on.
A single shot fired from the restaurant owner's riffle was enough to make both men flee quickly in opposite directions.

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Camera 2

“I'll call you over the next few days to give you the results,” said the manager. Off he went and never came back again.
“Take this medicine and you'll never see me again," said the doctor. Then off he went and never came back again.
“Give me alms," said the blind beggar. He looked at me, then off he went and never came back again.
“Fix this toy for me," said the little boy. So I did. He took the toy, ran off, and never came back again.
“I'll see you at six," said the girlfriend. Then off she went and never came back again.
“Let's listen to the day’s news," said the bystanders. And off they went and never came back again.
In the evening, I crossed the street alone and I waited for them for a little while. Then off I went and never came back again.

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Camera 3
A City for Insanity  

When the world shut its doors in his face, when the slivers of light on his path were snuffed out, he understood how helpless he was.
In the evening, zero hour is declared.
He came out of his room, shuddering, his naked body covered in thick hair.
“Someone have mercy on me! Someone help me!”, he cried for help in a quivering voice as he wandered the city alleys, and for the first time ever he found the city completely empty.
At midnight, he heard a sound that resembled festival bells. It was the creaking of the huge asylum door welcoming its new visitor who was last seen running naked in the city alleys, crying unintelligibly for help.

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Camera 4
Two Dirhams Only

An elderly man stopped at a magazine stall, he took the daily paper and read the political news about the local elections.
A girl stopped near him. She picked-up the same newspaper and read about an Oriental Dance Festival in the arts section.
A handsome man stopped between them. He opened the paper to the sports pages and read about why the national team lost.
Next to them stood a student looking through the paper for the page with the secondary examination results.
And all the while the magazine vendor was busy counting the money in his cash register.

Translation by: Fadwa Al Qasem

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