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I inherited nothing of my father, who left us when I was six, but a small metal box which contained coal sticks and some colors; it was enough to put his will in my hands and leave; then I started to draw.

The stages of drawing the first oil painting are still in my memory; I was twelve when I used matches instead of the brush which I could not afford, and some diesel which I took from the heater in our old house in Bab Touma Quarter, in the old part of Damascus.

The huge amount of death which surrounded me taught me how to see life from various angles, and to live its details passionately; this life which I assimilate it to a plane which takes off one time only, and lands for a first and last time; those who are on board should live the flight passionately and watch the view from every window. 

The pen, as the brush, has accompanied me in this flight, and I used to play with and by them along with the words and colors, create tales from my imagination which become paintings, short stories and poems. The stories which I have thrown are much more the ones I have published, and the paintings which I have given are also much more than what I have kept.

The wall of our old house occupied my thoughts; wood, mud and the ancient tales piled on its roof were decoded and revealed by me until they appeared as texts, stories, paintings and artistic projects; from A Wall Grows Near Me (as a text and an exhibition) to The Memory of Time on Space "the wall"; and from A Painting on Every Wall (an artistic project initiative) to The Syrian Mural (still working on it).

I have known the people's insides through their eyes, and learnt from women much more than men. My mother is the one who nourished me with strength and will, and my brother became a real father to me, so I promised that everything I will earn will be to cheer them.

Immigrations and living abroad taught me how to declare a war of love on the extra hatred in the world in order to preserve my humanity, and I have done so. 

In the first day of 2011, before revolutions started in the Arab World, I gave a love letter to the whole world in an artistic initiative entitled A Painting on Every Wall. I devoted the first month to receive the requests from whom wish to get a painting as a gift of the new year. "What is the motive?" some asked, and I replied, "Love, only." Back then I shouted, "O World, I love you in all your details!"

And when someone asked me, in the autumn of 2012, "What happened to The Syrian Mural, your painting which you started to draw during the revolution?" I replied, "It was hit by a shell, like all the Syrian walls, and I am mending it now."

With all what was left of strength, I will continue the war of love which I started before the plane landed.


Traditional Resume 

  • Full time devoted for writing and painting which I self-studied. 
  • B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Damascus University.
  • Member of Fine Arts Society, Damascus.
  • Member of Emirates Society of Fine Arts, al-Sharja 
  • Al-Sharja Arab Creativity Prize for Short Story (Third Grade in half) for his collection Tomorrow, I Will Sew My Mouth
  • Honorary prize in Ghanem Ghabash Prize for his short story "The Man with a Wheelchair", Emirates Writers and   Authors League, Culture and Media Department.
  • The Boundaries of the Grey, short film, 11 minutes (written and directed).
  • Artistic initiative for the first time in the world entitled A Painting on Every Wall. 
  • Many solo and group exhibitions in Damascus, Dubai, al-Sharja, New York, Istanbul and France.  


       An Incomplete Resume, edited by Bahij Warda.

        Translated by: Yazan el-Haj 

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